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Jean-Luc Verchere - Photographe

La Citerne Tour narbonnaise
Author photographer, Jean Luc Verchere was born on this land of Occitania. The rush of life gives body to his world. The very one who propels him towards this universe of the image. A path that he deems necessary to take him to a relationship with himself, with an essential. The consciousness of belonging often brings back the steps where everything is assembled. Meetings and chance will lead him to rub shoulders with the art world. An environment in which his aspirations have always carried him. The photo then becomes for him an inner journey, a means of introspection as much as openness to others. Exhibition In Situ ... from 07 June to 08 July: In Situ .... inside these citadels, a photographic exhibition, with the theme of the historical heritage of Occitania, a visual journey to the meeting these majestic medieval ruins, it is in the stone and the weight of a story that the author finds his inspiration, by the look, in this trigger receiver of a relation where he releases all his sensibility. magical places in shades of black and white served by deep grays, so he chooses to deliver his work.More than 10 different formats drawn on canvases, some of more than 2 meters, adapted to what the author seized of the photographic moment .. An inner journey, intimate, an introspection that releases in opening to others.
  • Jean-Luc Verchere - Photographe 1 - Carcassonne
  • Jean-Luc Verchere - Photographe 1 - Carcassonne
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