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6 rive Gauche
11220 Lagrasse
Telefoon : 04 68 58 11 58
The Abbey of Lagrasse is one of the historical and architectural treasures of the Cathar Aude. Discover the secrets of this Benedictine monastery, founded under Charlemagne. The Sainte-Marie Abbey of Lagrasse was the largest abbey of the department of Aude. Located on the left bank of the Orbieu, which separates the village in two, the Benedictine monastery combines monumental elements that trace a very long architectural history, from the eighth to the eighteenth century. Between the French Revolution and the beginning of the twenty-first century, many owners have succeeded in this temple of medieval architecture. In 2004, the Department of Aude acquired the oldest part of the Monastery, now called Public Abbey.
  • ABBAYE DE LAGRASSE 1 - Lagrasse
  • ABBAYE DE LAGRASSE 1 - Lagrasse