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Van zaterdag 18 jun tot 30 september 2022
Telefoon 04 68 77 73 70
Adres Musée des beaux-arts 15 boulevard Camille Pelletan 11000 Carcassonne
After the success of the TAPISSER!E exhibition, the museum of fine arts will offer from Saturday June 18, 2022 until September 30, 2022, its new exhibition Les Exceptionn'Elles. This exhibition will highlight women through the museum's collections. These are already in the spotlight this year with the series of conferences dedicated to women artists. Released from permanent hanging, unearthed from the museum's reserves or borrowed from other museums, the works are both painted by women and depict women. Greatly forgotten by the history of art and by an institution too rooted in tradition, today they are gradually regaining their letters of nobility. So little represented as artists, but sources of inspiration: they are muses, allegories, goddesses, strong women of History, of Religion, women of the world, workers... These are all the women that the City de Carcassonne wanted to propel to the forefront of the museum scene for this exhibition of Exceptionn'elles, through works produced from the 18th to the 20th century.
Van za 18 jun 2022 tot vr 30 sep 2022
09h45 to 12h3013h30 to 18h15
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