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Until zondag 03 nov
Adres La Citerne Tour Narbonnaise Cité médiévale 11000 Carcassonne
Thanks to an original proposal by Marie Mercadal from Compagnie du Cirk'Oblique, the photographer Romain FIGORITO makes us discover the young people of the Viguier district in Carcassonne with another look and manages to establish a new proximity between these inhabitants and those who look at them. . It's more than a report, the two artists reveal here beautiful portraits, beyond being actors in a troupe and pedagogue with children, they invite us to share a sensitive opening on singular and metamorphosed beings. Romain Figorito has managed to give life to moments of body finesse, on trapezes, on the ground or with objects, upside down. Children go to meet balance and more ... Free admission.
Until zo 03 nov 2019
09h to 11h15h to 19h